25 September 2014

Hekim Holding Painting Competition Results

Hekim Holding Painting Competition Results

The results ot the painting competition, with a slogan of “learning starts out with awareness”, which is organized for the Fire Door Safety Week starting on 25th of September, were obtained.

In the 2-6 age category;

1. Deniz İslamoğlu <br />(6 Age)
2. Ecrin Bade Arslan <br />(4 Age)
3. Duru Deniz Ünlü <br />(2.5 Age)

In the 7-15 age category;

1. Ece Umay Yaylı <br />(9 Age)
2. Sude Güçlü <br />(10 Age)
3. Yağmur Uçar <br />(8 Age)

We would like to thank all the children who participated in the competition.

Mehmet Egemen Evran<br />(4 Age)
Alp Arslan <br />(7 Age)
Berra Ersan <br />(9 Age)
İrfan Bahadır <br />(12 Age)
Alper Gündüz <br />(14 Age)