Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Hekim Holding A.Ş. have made it a principal to give back to community what they received from the community through investments they make for the community since their establishment and they are continuing to provide social benefits with their contributions in the field of culture, sports, health and education. It is a significant awareness for all our employees within the body of our holding to be a part of the social responsibility projects for the sake of our society’s development and sustainment within the frame of modesty, kinship with public and respect to people.

Some of the projects we have concluded within this scope are as follows:

  • 1. Piraziz Omer Hekim Primary School
  • 2. Piraziz Omer Hekim Healthcare Center
  • 3. Piraziz Eren Omer Primary School
  • 4. Additional four classrooms and a meeting room construction for the School in Piraziz Seyhli District
  • 5. Gulizar-Nasuh Hekim Healthcare Center in Piraziz Seyhli District
  • 6. Süriye-Cemal Hekim Healthcare Center in Piraziz Bozat District
  • 7. Lounge Hall for Giresun Kale State Hospital
  • 8. Sleeping Laboratory Unit for Giresun Hospital for Chest Diseases
  • 9. Piraziz Carpet Football Field
  • 10. Construction of Omer Hekim Mosque in Guzelyalı/Pendik-Istanbul on 2500 m2 with a capacity of 1000 persons and Suriye-Cemal Hekim Religious Training Center
  • 11. Facility Contribution to Intensive Care Unit of Faculty of Medicine at Marmara University
  • 12. Scholarship for 150 students each year
  • 13. Circumcision Organizations for thousands of children for the last 18 years – Giresun
  • 14. Contribution to Associations for Handicapped People (Building and Equipment)
  • 15. Contribution to Social Projects (as houses and financial contribution) of Regional Government Authorities and Municipalities
  • 16. Contribution of Information Systems and Equipment Projects for numerous schools and institutions
  • 17. Financial Contribution to Associations for Martyrs and Veterans
  • 18. Amendment of dormitory system to room system with the modification made in the School in Piraziz Seyhli District
  • 19. Donating 50.000 m2 of land in the region of Bulancak – Pazarsuyu for the condition that Ömer Hekim’s name will be given to the Giresun University Faculty of Medicine.