4 October 2016

Hekim Profil Concentrates on Solar Energy Projects

Hekim Profil Concentrates on Solar Energy Projects

Hekim Profil Sales and Marketing Manager Kutay Dündar, expressed “Solar energy, compared to other energies, will inevitably be the paramount energy source for us in the future. We, as Hekim Profil, concentrated on what kind of difference we can make for our sector customers in the upcoming period.”

Mr. Dündar, Evaluated the company’s activities, and reminded of the fact that Hekim Profil was established in 2014; and stated that it is the profile production center where the steel is cold-worked with specially designed weldless connection technology; and that Recently, the use of cold-worked steel profiles has increased significantly and became an inevitable product for the steel structures. and spoke as follows.

“If we try to mention the main reasons for this, we can line up major advantages as follows; less material use compared to other steel products, elimination of waste and labor losses due to production in accordance with the dimensions in the project, minimization of the labor cost by opening the mounting holes on the axes required on the profile, much more durability in corrosive environments with the use of galvanized raw materials, packaging according to project details by virtue of inkjet marking.”

Steel construction applications are now made faster, safer and more reliable and economical with Hekim Profil.The profiles produced, are used in heavy industrial facilities as well as lightweight steel structures, in many areas such as solar energy system connection legs, stands and bridges. The range of application areas is increasing day by day.”

Mr. Dündar, called attention to that the rate of structural steel use in Turkey is below 5% while the rate of structural steel use in developed countries, ranges between 30% and 55%.

Mr. Dündar recorded that 92 percent of Turkey is within earthquake zone, and that 95 percent of the population lives exposed to earthquake hazard, and besiides that 98 percent of large industrial centers are located at the earthquake zone; and expressed that:

Therefore, it is inevitable for our country that the due importance should be attached to the use of structural steel, and that the rate of usage must be raised to the rate of usage in the developde countries. We think that the construction sector should attach more importance to the structural steel and all kinds of investments should be made in this regard.

Stating that they export to many countries, Mr. Dundar, stated that they managed intensive exports to Turkmenistan and Arab countries. Mr Dündar made the following explanations:

“Recently, with the increase especially in Solar Energy Systems (SES) projects, we started to export our products, primarily to Germany, to European Market as well.The reasons for why our customers abroad prefer Hekim Profil is primarily recognition of our brand, and that we produce using entirely first quality certified raw materialsl and in accordance with Euro Standards..

The profiles that we produce are used as frame elements (column, beam, purlin) constituting the module in SES systems. With the new investments made in this field in our country, the use of light structural steel is increasing day by day. As Hekim Profil, we closely follow the developments in this direction. We are a company with experience and competence to meet every kind of demand from the sector.

Mr. Dündar pointed out that the main source of all energies taken place in the world is the sun, and he emphasized that, on the other hand due to the fact that resources intensively consumed such as oil, coal and natural gas are exhaustible, the energy obtained is both expensive and that it pollutes the environment during its use,

Stating that solar energy is an endless source that will last a lifetime, Mr. Dündar made the following evaluation:

Since solar energy is reachable and available in every region of the world, it will be inevitably the most important energy resource, compared to all other energies, in the future. We, as Hekim Profil, concentrated on what kind of difference we can make for our sector customers. As in every sector, the importance attached to the innovation, takes the firm one step ahead all the time. For this reason, every brand of Hekim Holding places utmost importance on innovation.

Based on this, since steel profiles used in SES systems are exposed to corrosive environments, high corrosion resistance of profiles is an important criterion. We are constantly working in collaboration with the manufacturers in hot contact for the improvements that can be made in the raw material part we use in production.We believe that an innovation that can be achieved in this area will be of significant benefit to the sector. We, as Hekim Holding, are using the power of the Hekim Profil’s being leader in the sector, technical knowledge in this field, experience and competences acquired over the years, for the sake of value contribution.