3 January 2019

The First ever in Fibercement production in Turkey

The First ever in Fibercement production  in Turkey

HekimBoard Fibercement Board

Fibercement boards are manufactured to withstand the most demanding weather conditions of the atmosphere. The boards that manufactured so as to be reasistant to the harshest climatic conditions from the polar coldness to the desert warmths, are manufactured with a modern production method known as hatschek process, used by developed countries, which is the compaction of many layers one onto eachother.

Extremely durable fibercement boards can flat-surfaced with special production methods,besides that it can offer an aesthetic appearance with such alternatives as walnut and cedar patterned, knitted and brick stone patterned, natural stone, wood patterned. Innovations appeared in the building sector along with the developing technology, has an important place in the emergence of the fibercement plate.

The products obtained with the process developed by Hatschek, an Austrian at the beginning of twentieth century, are more safe and comfortable in terms of fire and heat-sound insulation, which are more resistant to atmosphere and natural conditions. fibercement, which can be also defined as “fibre reinforced cement board”, forms by turning the raw material prepared with natural fibre, micronized silica and cement, into films, and adding these films one onto eachother to sheet of desired thickness.

Different Areas of uUse of Fibercement

HekimBoard boards which have the possibility of usage for every structure you can think of, it offers many different application convenience, primarily as interior and exterior facade, ceiling and flooring in prefabricated production, base supporting material for roofing, wall element in prefabricated pool application, flooring in small and large cattle farms because of being resistant against animal wastes, wall and partition in wet spaces, internal wall element in containers.

It can also be used together with all known insulation materials, and when applied in combination with materials with high insulation values provides very good sound and heat insulation. In terms of dye durability, it does not require paint renewal for years if both the fibercement and paint measures are taken.

First Class Fireproof and Watertight Fibercement Board Offers Confidence and Comfort

Fibercement Board which is categorized as class A1 building material is definitely fireproof with the materials contained in its structure. Although the plates are exposed to 500 degrees of heat for 2 hours, they do not burn, but only during instant cooling, capillary cracking occurs.Exactly for this reason, in the structure where fibercement is applied, the possibility of fire and spreading from the electrical contact is eliminated.

Even they are in direct contact with very high temperatures, the risk of fire is eliminated as the boards do not burn. It also contains no substance or gas that poses hazard to human health, which may occur during the fire; and it is odorless. These boards featuring very low water permeability rates can be applied in humid environments with no concern.Since the boards are not affected by the moisture or ultraviolet rays from seawater, they are safely used in coastal areas and in extreme sunny regions.

Nature-Friendly And Durable Fibercement

Thanks to its raw materials and modern production method, HekimBoard branded boards never harm nature and human beings. There is absolutely no gas emitted to the environment, in the course of time or atmospheric conditions.Thanks to its homogeneously dispersed cellulose fiber contained in its composition, it is highly flexible.

It is not affected by wind-drifted objects and is resistant to crashes and impacts. Fibercement sheets with very low free swell index are certainly not affected by water and moisture.There is no deterioration in the structure after contact with water. Due to its durability to water and moisture, it is also used in humid climates..

It requires no plaster because irs surface is already smooth.Natural cement boards, which are safe, comfortable, nature- and human-friendly in every respect, can be applied in many different structures.