20 August 2016

Turkey supplies Urban Furniture for Middle East and North Africa

Turkey supplies Urban Furniture for Middle East and North Africa

Hebo Yapı A.Ş. Sales Manager Başak Şahindoğan stated that the cities have been just rebuilt in the Middle East and North Africa because of the welfare and the war and destruction experienced in the country’s geography.she reported that they received quite a lot of urban furniture orders from these regions.

Mrs. Sahindoğan, said in a statement, that the first developmental plan implementation of Turkey had started in Istanbul in the mid-1800s; in this period, the pavement arrangements were made in Beyoğlu and street lamps and trash bins were placed in various points of the county. and she told that Turkey had got acquainted with the concept of street furniture, and this concept has brought its development with itself in parallel to changing city structure and needs over the time

Mrs. Sahindoğan, who stated that, they manufacture all ready-made buildings used in city life such as taxi-booking offices, ticket-offices, security booths, parking booths, sales cabinets, cafeterias in the park, police boxes and ATMs within the scope of the urban furniture; and she said that the urban furniture they manufactured under the brand name of “Hebo City” make dirct contribution to the th general texture of the city in addition to that they facilitate the life of individuals.

Mrs. Sahindoğan, recorded that the usage areas of their products are quite wide and varied, and that security booths and toilet units take the first place, and these products are followed by buffets and booths, and that recently, the number of ATM units and cafeteria units also increased.

– “Istanbul uses urban furniture more and comprehensively”
Başak Şahindoğan expressed that each city creates its own fashion,; and spoke thet “We think that urban furniture has a special importance in the new generation of urbanism. We combine the products we manufactured with such perspective, with environmentally-friendly raw materials and unearth them by evaluating the impacts on the new urbanism understanding of the urban design.

Mrs. Şahindoğan who stated that a large part of their customers are municipal organizations and construction companies, which guide the architecture of the city, said that İstanbul grows rapidly because it is a growing metropolis of each passing day,

Mrs. Şahindogan said “Istanbul which is in a never-ending structural development, uses the urban furniture more and more comprehensively each passing day. Though other major cities are not as intense as Istanbul, they start using urban furnitures at increasing speed each passing day.

Mrs. Şahindoğan expressed that In European cities with a deep-rooted architectural background and long-term structuring, the use of urban furniture started way long ago; and she stated that the developing countries and those that did not complete their development yet are the important customers of Hebo Yapı A.Ş.

Mrs. Şahindoğan, said “The cities are being rebuilt yet, in the Middle East and Africa Region both due to the level of wellfare and due to wars and destructions experienced in the country geography. Therefore, such cities are getting to know urban furniture yet. and we are receiving orders from these regions; and we are trying to satisfy these orders in the best way possible.”