2 February 2015

Urban Transformation from the Sectoral Point of View

Urban Transformation from the Sectoral Point of View

1 – ) What is the opinion of Hebo Yapı A.Ş., as the one included in the sector, with regard to Urban Transformation?
Rapid industrialization particularly after 1960,has brought migration from village to city together with it.Such situation has caused the country’s population to be concentrated in the cities. Unfortunately, this rapid settlement has unearthed such problems as, primarily unplanned and uncontrolled urbanization, the destruction of agricultural land, lack of transportation and infrastructure, lack of social activity areas, environmental damage or pollution. Due to all such reasons, the urban structure in Turkey, İstanbul in the first place, is required to be reconstructed.

2 – ) What kind of route should be followed for urban Transformation?
Despite the fact that more reliable houses have been constructed by the laws, ,in recent years, especially after the 1999 earthquake, more than 70 percent of the existing houses still pose risks.First of all, renovation of these buildings are required to be completed in the shortest time possible.
However, it is necessary to not consider Urban Transformation only as a project where buildings are reinforced.Studies in the regions where the transformation will be introduced, should be carried out taking the socio-economic and socio-cultural situation into consideration. People’s activity areas should not be seized or people should not be forced to be relocated.On the contrary, taking the people’s life habits and preferences into consideration, the cities should be configured in such a manner where the people should not be alienated, no separated from the social life, but live in peace and are in harmony with the nature.
The sheltering problem of human is as old as human history. This problem should be remedied by projects that prevent unhealthy growth of the cities, destruction of agriculture and forest land, and the destruction of historical artifacts that constitute the urban identity.

3 – ) How does Hebo Yapı AŞ play a role in Urban Transformation projects?
Urban Transformation projects contribute to the revival of the construction sector. This situation caused us, Hebo Yapı A.Ş., to take role in many projects.We take place with the Hebo Yapı A.Ş.’s site buildings in the housing estate projects implemented both by public and by private organizations, including private projects managed by many construction companies.We deliver solutions to all needs for accomodation, food, working and social purposes of the employee staff in the camps we installed, with our quick, quality, economical products.
In addition to residential works, we manufacture special buildings for many different purposes such as school, day care center, social facilities and working office, by conducting projects for renovated public buildings.
Besides, we directly contribute to the general texture of the city with our Hebo City branded products. Therefore, we think that our products have a special importance in the new generation of urbanism.

4 – ) Where is Hebo City seen in environmental and city rearrangements?
The products we produce under the Hebo City brand are urban furnitures in the most general sense.Taxi-booking office you used while traveling during the day, ticket-window where you buy municipality bus ticket, security booth in front of your apartment building, parkin place control cabin of the parking area you park your car, fastfood sales cabinet where you buy things, cafeteria you visit at weekend in the park, police booth in front of the police station in your district, in short allreadymade buildings you use in the urban life are the products of Hebo City brand.

5 – ) What are the discriminating features of Hebo City brand products in urban texture?
Hebo City products are our products that we unearthed by combining environmental friendly raw materials with 21st century technology and by evaluating the effects of urban design on urbanism understanding.
Based on this features while they offer multifunctional solutions in small spaces inside of them, they comply with all types of urban texture with their appearances, based on the abundance of exterior siding varieties prepared taking existing structural configuration into consideration. its stone appearance next to a historical building , and its wooden appearance inside the forest, or its glass and metallic appearance in front of a contemporary skycraper and its ability to become an integral part of the texture it is in, are the most visual advantage.Thanks to the environmentally-friendly and local raw materials, primarily Hebo City products, that are employed in the manufacturing of all prefabricated buildings, make contributions to the sustainable living while ensuring protection of ecological stability.