Privacy Policy

This website,, is managed by Hekim Holding A.Ş. (‘Hekim Holding A.Ş.’). Hekim Holding A.Ş. may gather your personal information directly or indirectly (in the places where you are required to give information) when you visit this website. However, Hekim Holding A.Ş. may use these personal information in the forms and conditions as it wants and protects the gathered personal information. This declaration informs about Hekim Holding A.Ş.’ data processing objectives, usage of cookies and how it will compose your rights regarding your personal information.
Data Processing Objectives
Hekim Holding A.Ş. gathers and processes information on customers and website visitors to fulfill its business, give information about products and services you may be interested in and offer these products – services and develop web statistics. The information you gave will be used to contact you when required, for instance; they will be used to give you information regarding functional changes on the website or to offer you services that may be useful for you (unless you do not choose to receive these services). Hekim Holding A.Ş. may send you information by e-mail and sms with introduction, advertisement etc. content in the direction of the information you have given. In case you do not require your information to be used, information regarding this should be sent to us by e-mail.
Critical Data
Hekim Holding A.Ş. does not endeavor to gather important personal information (such as political views, religious beliefs, health condition or information on other subjects) through this website. If Hekim Holding A.Ş. requires this information, it will first seek your consent. Please bear in mind that you will be giving your consent to Hekim Holding A.Ş. to use your personal information, in case you give unrequested personal information to Hekim Holding A.Ş.
Hekim Holding A.Ş. can gather and analyze information regarding use of this website including domain name, number of entrance to the website, pages visited, other sites visited before/after and length of session. This information can be gathered by using a cookie. A cookie is a short text file place on your hard disk by our website server. You can prefer to use or not use this cookie by changing the setting of your browser. Cookies ensure faster and easier use of this website.
Third Person Websites
Please note that this Privacy Declaration does not cover third person websites connected to this website.
Forming of Your Rights; Contact with Hekim Holding A.Ş.
If you do not wish to receive marketing messages from Hekim Holding A.Ş. please contact us. You can also contact us if you have any questions on Privacy Declaration, our data processing activities or your processes regarding this website. Our e-mail address is

Hekim Holding A.Ş. has the right to amend any part of this Privacy Declaration at any time. Please check this declaration from time to time to follow amendments.