Hekim Plast

Hekim Plast

This is the technology of producing the material called polyethyleneterephthalate(PET) in English, in the PET Strapping Roll Line. PET material, acquired by use of raw material consisting of shredded PET pieces or PET granules, is used in many different areas of industry.

Advantages of PET group of materials;

  • Resistant to many acids, salts, alcohol, hydrocarbons and solutions.
  • Existing environmental effects does not corrode PET plate.
  • It can take shape and application can be made with proper equipment and design.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Provides hygiene.
  • It does not rust.

Areas of use for PET group of materials;

  • Heat insulation material on ceiling and interior wall siding as an outer layer on one or two sides of the sandwich panels,
  • As a surface siding material in constructions involving high acid and salt rate,
  • As an alternative to metal in places such as cold storage warehouses and chicken coops where resistance to chemicals and corrosion is required,
  • In wet areas and all kinds WC-shower cabins where hygiene is important,
  • As an insulation layer in water and humid environment,
  • As an insulation layer in tunnels,
  • As industrial packages, product package, automobile parts, disposable products, thin-walled containers etc. in white goods, automotive, food and packaging industries.
  • As exhibition stands, billboards and information boards in advertising sector.